Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Benefits Football for Heart Health

Benefits football for heart health - Football is a popular sport of the past until now, even including the sport's most in demand by the world population. It turned out very good football for heart health. As stated by a study in Denmark.

The study found that systolic and diastolic pressure group of men who play football twice a week for six months fell between 6 and 9 points compared to those who did not. Based on the results of a study from Oxford University, a decrease of blood pressure it was able to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease by 50 percent.
Benefits Football for Heart Health
In addition, the benefits of playing soccer can also be felt for diabetics. Two LV function tends to damage in diabetics may experience improved as much as 29 percent. Even the researchers also found that healthy people benefit from this exercise.

Study author Jacon Friis said football became a sport is good for health because it can train acceleration, deceleration, jumping, sprinting one side, running backwards which is a good stimulus for the cardiovascular system.
"Over time, these movements can increase the volume of blood that is absorbed by the vessels in the muscles, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure,"
said Schmidt.

The study also found, any position which endured while playing football can provide equally good effect. Two times a week is the time recommended by the researchers.

However, if you already have a history of heart disease, you should consult with your doctor before doing this exercise.

That's a bit of scientific studies on the Benefits Football for Heart Health. May be useful

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